SU-8 TF 6000

SU-8 TF 6000 negative resists are sensitive to broadband UV radiations (i-, h- and g-line) and recommended wherever high resolution, photo-imageable thin permanent structures are required.

Material uses:

  • High resolution imaging of thin permanent structures
  • MEMS
  • Display pixel walls and dielectric layers

Material attributes:

  • Photo-imageable thin films with high resolution i-line patterning capability
  • Broadband, i-line, g-line and h-line sensitivity
  • Low temperature cure (< 150°C)
  • Highly uniform thin films

Contact Aligner

I-line stepper
Contact aligner exposure
1 µm L/S - 0.5 µm thick SU-8 TF 6000
Source: MicroChem

I-line stepper exposure
1 µm trenches - 0.5 µm thick SU-8 TF 6000
Source: MicroChem

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