Micro Resist Technology

In addition to handling our own products, MicroChem is the exclusive North American distributor of Micro Resist Technology’s (MRT) line of specialty photoresists. Below is a brief description for each product line; product overviews and process guides are accessible from the chart. For more information about any of these products, please contact our technical sales group (617-965-5511 or or visit the MRT website at

Thick Positive Photoresists

Broad range of viscosity to achieve 0.3 to 60 μm film thickness in one spin-coating step
Broadband, g- and i-Line exposure
Aqueous alkaline development
High chemical and plasma etch stability

  • ma-P 1200 Thick Positive Resists for UV lithography
  • ma-P 1275 and ma-P 1275 HV High Viscosity Positive Resists for UV lithography - Ideally suited for high pH plating applications
  • ma-P 1200G Positive resist for greyscale lithography

Negative photoresists

  • Negative resist for conventional pattern transfer and lift-off
    Tunable resist sidewall profile from vertical to undercut
    Broadband and i-Line sensitivity
    Aqueous alkaline development

ma-N 400 Ideally suited for evaporative lift-off processing
      Film thickness up to 20 μm
      Plating stability to pH13
ma-N 1400 Ideally suited for high temperature lift-off processing
      Film thickness from 0.5 μm- 7.0 μm
      Thermally stable to 170° C
      Compatible with high temperature sputter lift-off processes

E-beam Resists

  • ma-N 2400 deep UV & e-beam resists
  •       50nm resolution with e-beam
          High plasma etch stability
  • mr-PosEBR Acrylate-based positive e-beam resists
  • High dry etch resistance for pattern transfer

Nanoimprint Lithography Resists
Thermoplastic and photo-curable materials for thermal and photo-NIL

  • mr-I 7000R/8000R Thermoplastic polymers with built-in mold release properties
  • mr-I 9000M Thermoset material for thermal-NIL
  • mr-I T85 Thermoplastic polymer especially suited for Lab on chip applications
  • mr-I PMMA Thermoplastic polymer for basic nanoimprint lithography investigations
  • SIPOL Si-containing thermoplastic polymer for high-aspect ratio patterning
  • mr-NIL 6000E UV curable material for isothermal imprint processing with outstanding pattern stability
  • mr-UVCur21 UV curable material for photo-imprint with hard stamps
  • mr-NIL210 UV curable imprint resist with excellent compatibility to soft PDMS stamps
  • mr-XNIL26 UV curable imprint resist with excellent stamp release properties
  • UVCur26SF UV curable resist formulation applicable by ink-jet and suitable for R2R processes
  • mr-APSI Adhesion Promoter for UV-nanoimprint polymers

Hybrid Polymers
Advanced materials for micro-optic applications

  • OrmoComp® - UV curable material for micro and nano-optical components
  • OrmoClear® - Highly transparent material for micro-optical components
  • OrmoStamp® - Material for producing transparent working stamps for imprinting
  • OrmoCore/OrmoClad UV curable core and clad materials for optical waveguides
  • InkOrmo - UV curable hybrid material designed for inkjet printing
  • OrmoDev - Developer for uncured hybrid polymers
  • OrmoPrime®08 - Primer for hybrid polymers

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