Nippon Kayaku

The Strength of a Global Leader

Approaching its 100th anniversary, Nippon Kayaku is a diversified, public chemical company; the world’s largest supplier of epoxy resins for electronic applications, and MicroChem’s parent company.

As part of Nippon Kayaku’s Functional Chemicals Group—the company’s largest business unit—MicroChem brings its resist design and manufacturing expertise, along with in-depth market knowledge, to the Group. In combination with Nippon Kayaku’s leadership in epoxy resin technology and high volume manufacturing capacity, this alliance allows MicroChem to deliver unmatched value to its customers through:

  • Vertical integration — from raw materials through value-added formulated products
  • Access to new, enabling epoxy technology to address complex, emerging market needs
  • Scale to take customers from start up through full scale global production

Nippon Kayaku is committed to delivering value through the pursuit of originality and to accumulating unique technology and capabilities that stand out in emerging and niche markets. Nippon Kayaku’s acquisition of MicroChem in 2008 is testament to that commitment.

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