MicroChem's Leadership

Jeremiah J. Cole Jr., President and CEO

Mr. Cole has over twenty-five years of diversified experience in financial, general, operations and systems management. He joined MicroChem in 1997 in the role of Chief Financial Officer, advancing to Vice President, Chief Operating and Financial Officer in 2000 with responsibility for all operating activities of the Company. After directing the successful sale of the Company to Nippon Kayaku Co., Ltd in January 2008, Mr. Cole assumed the role of President and CEO of MicroChem Corp.

Previously, Mr. Cole was the Vice President of Finance and Administration at Focus Enhancements, a publicly traded company. His background also includes ten year’s management experience with Eastman Kodak’s Billerica, MA based subsidiaries as well as financial and operational roles at Wang Laboratories, Midland Ross and Voltek, Inc.

Mr. Cole received his BS degree in Business Administration, his MBA from Southern New Hampshire University, and Master's Degrees in Taxation and Finance from Bentley College.

P. Scott Heidemann, Executive Vice President

Mr. Heidemann has more than thirty years of global sales and marketing experience serving the semiconductor and other microelectronic markets. He joined MicroChem in 1996 to establish and manage the Shipley (now Dow Electronic Materials) distribution business. In 1999, to direct the continuing expansion of MicroChem’s global reach, Mr.Heidemann took on sales management responsibilities for international business, and in 2000 he assumed his current role as Executive Vice President with responsibility for market development, sales and distribution, and the MicroChem brand and marketing efforts worldwide.

Previously, Mr. Heidemann was Sales and Marketing Manager for Oriel Instruments’ Advanced Exposure Group, a capital equipment manufacturer of UV photoresist exposure equipment. Mr. Heidemann holds a BA in English Literature from Alfred University.

Daniel J. Nawrocki, Director of Development & Engineering

Mr. Nawrocki has sixteen years of experience in the development of methods, products, and processes for various applications in microelectronics as well as in roll-to-roll coated conductive and engineered films. He joined MicroChem in 1997 serving various roles in production quality testing, applications development, and most recently as the lead engineer in the product/process scale-up group.

Previously, Mr. Nawrocki held analytical, engineering and principle scientist positions at Shipley, Rohm & Haas, Intelicoat Technologies, Con-Test Labs, and Ceimic Corporation. He received a BS in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Tom Sutter, Operations Director

Mr. Sutter has over 30 years of experience with electronic materials and processes, in roles ranging from engineering to research to corporate venturing. He joined MicroChem in 2013 as Global Business Development Director, and now serves as Operations Director overseeing operations of all three divisions of MicroChem.

Previously, Mr. Sutter was a Director in the Exploratory Research and Development group for the Electronic Materials (EM) Division of the Dow Chemical Company. He had been with Dow (formerly Rohm and Haas/Shipley) for seventeen years, starting in photoresist development and then assessing new technology and business opportunities in display technology and printed electronics. Prior to joining Dow, Mr. Sutter was a Techincal Manager and Distinguished Member of Technical Staff at AT&T’s printed circuit board manufacturing facility in Richmond, Virginia.

Mr. Sutter holds a Master of Science degree in Imaging Science from the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York.

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