Applied Ink Solutions

Manufacturer of Materials for Printed Electronics

Applied Ink Solutions, as the former Conductive Compounds Inc., has provided functional inks, coatings and compounds worldwide since 1994. Our products are used to manufacture electronic products—both rigid and flex circuits, EMI/RFI shielding applications, RF antennas and for thermal management within electromechanical assemblies. In addition to our standard products, we specialize in custom formulations for new and unique high-tech applications.

Applied Ink Solutions product lines include:

  • electrically conductive inks made from silver, carbon, gold, platinum and other specialty fillers that are compatible with your print, spray and dip processes
  • silver/silver chloride coatings and radio opaque inks for medical applications
  • thermally conductive/electrically insulating materials for assembly and potting
  • both conductive and non-conductive epoxy systems for staking, mounting and component encapsulation
  • ultraviolet (UV) curable conductive dielectrics and encapsulants

Our customers rely on our extensive knowledge and understanding of materials, manufacturing methods and applications to quickly deliver quality products that accommodate their unique manufacturing methods.

Our products are supported worldwide by a network of sales associates. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Applied Ink Solutions Standard Products:

Silver Inks Medical Inks & Epoxy Epoxy, Potting & Staking Compounds
Carbon Inks Clear Conductive Inks  Dielectrics & Encapsulants

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